With more than 30 years of combined experience and our network of  artists, Street Art & Murals is the perfect partner for turning a place into a unique experience.

We offer high quality mural artworks, sculptures and interior concepts created together with artists worldwide specially tailored to your taste and your needs.

What we do

Create an incredible presence for your business

Make your business the most visible in the whole area with a unique mural artwork tailored your brand or logo and make people not go past your building without noticing your company.

Creating a unique ambiance

Working together with artists, designers and light engineers, we create extraordinary atmospheres and moods. At the same time you invest in your property value by turning it into a unique artwork.

Artwork rental

Thanks to our partner gallery and our network of artists, we offer a rental service of high quality, contemporary artworks for your office building, hotel, restaurant or your home.

contact us for conditions and the catalogue of available artworks.